Health partner Provider Portal Tutorial

What does it do? provides instant access to available patient health information for Medicaid providers who treat patients enrolled in Medicaid managed care and fee-for-service.

How does it work?

The portal consolidates patient data—from previous diagnoses and treatments to prescription drug history—captured from Medicaid claims and encounters. With the click of a button, you can receive the data in one report. The all-in-one tool also enables front office staff to verify Medicaid eligibility and check in patients in real time.

Why use it?

You gain greater practice efficiency, better care coordination, and enhanced patient outcomes. All at no cost.

Ready to register now?

Click here to register and set up an account. One account works for providers ranging from solo practitioners to multi-location clinics.

Want to learn more?

Take this quick tutorial to explore what makes such a valuable resource for Medicaid providers. Each module focuses on specific portal functions and can be taken in any order.

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