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Healthy Texas Babies

Healthy Texas Babies (HTB) is Texas’s concerted Infant mortality reduction initiative. HTB brings together stakeholders from a range of backgrounds, including clinicians, healthcare administrators, insurance companies, community health experts, health departments and researchers to examine the modifiable risk factors for infant mortality and poor outcomes for mothers and their families in Texas.

The HTB initiative has five programmatic components and is guided by the Life Course Perspective, which posits that outcomes of pregnancy for mothers and their babies are influenced by a far wider variety of influential factors than previously considered, such as early life experiences, environmental factors and social determinants of health such as poverty and racism. HTB encompasses a variety of interventions in order to add to the protective factors available to families so that every baby in Texas can have a healthy, happy first birthday.

HTB supports professional education through Grand Rounds and Texas Health Steps, the Preconception Peer Educator Program for African American college students, the Someday Starts Now public awareness campaign and associated tools, the Healthy Texas Babies Local Coalitions implementing evidence-based interventions around the state and the Texas Collaborative for Healthy Mothers and Babies, our state’s perinatal quality improvement collaborative. More information can be accessed at: Healthy Texas Babies or Someday Starts Now.