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HHSC’s Medical Transportation Program

HHSC’s Medical Transportation Program

Medicaid provides free transportation for Texas Health Steps patients and other eligible Medicaid clients, provided they have no other means of transportation. If the Medicaid client has no way to get to a Medicaid or Texas Health Steps visit, the Medical Transportation Program (MTP) pays for rides to the doctor, dentist, hospital, or drug store and back home. Eligible adults with Medicaid can get free rides, too.

  • Advantages for Health-Care Professionals:
    • Medicaid rides help patients miss fewer appointments, reducing no-shows and the need to overbook appointments.
    • With a single call to Medicaid’s Medical Transportation Program hotline, your office or patient can arrange travel for an entire month for ongoing appointments such as renal dialysis for kidney disease. 


Parental Accompaniment Requirement for the Medical Transportation Program

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission administrative rules require children 14 years and younger who receive Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or by another adult approved by the parent or legal guardian who is not employed by or affiliated with the provider. Parents or legal guardians who cannot travel with their child should use the Parent Authorization Form to designate another adult to travel with their child. Parents or legal guardians can designate up to two adults who can go with their child.  Additional information on requirements is provided in the tutorial below.



Transportation Service Delivery Models

MTP oversees the operation of two transportation service delivery models that comply with federal regulations, are efficient, and meet patients' needs. NEMT services include rides from contracted providers, mass transit fare, ground and airline transportation, advanced funds, and funds for eligible clients’ meals and lodging.

Managed Transportation Organizations (MTOs) and Full-Risk Brokers (FRBs) are contracted vendors that provide NEMT services to MTP eligible clients in specific areas. Eleven regions are served by MTOs and two regions are served by FRBs. Rides must be scheduled in advance for an existing appointment with an enrolled Texas Medicaid health-care provider. Tell Medicaid patients and caregivers about the free ride service when you schedule visits and provide them with the correct toll-free number to schedule a ride. Bilingual staff is available to help patients in English and Spanish, and a language line is available for the most prevalent languages.


Call center staff is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time.

  • In the Houston/Beaumont area, call 1-855-687-4786.
  • In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, call 1-855-687-3255.
  • In all other areas, call Medicaid’s transportation hotline at 1-877-MED-TRIP


For more information, visit the Medical Transportation Program page on HHSC’s website.

Resources for Patients

New educational brochures, posters, and other materials are being developed to help you inform patients about free rides to Medicaid medical and dental appointments. Check back soon for links to download or order these useful materials.