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Courses and Resources

At Your Service: Texas Health Steps-focused courses and resources can help demystify Medicaid health-care delivery. And it’s all at your fingertips.

A quick way to find helpful information is to visit the Texas Health Steps Medicaid Courses and Resources page online. Instantly you will see a resource page with free, up-to-date courses and resources for Texas Health Steps providers and staff members. Many courses are accredited for continuing education (CE). All materials are free and available 24/7. They offer guidance on clinical, legal, regulatory and practice management issues that routinely arise during Texas Health Steps preventive medical and dental checkups. Resources include quick overview courses and tutorials about checkups, the Texas Health Steps Periodicity Schedule and other resources.

Case Study: Find it Fast

Setting: A busy health-care office with multiple providers and care teams for children and adolescents enrolled in Texas Health Steps.

Each of these patients presents health situations that require various actions by a Texas Health Steps provider. How can you be sure you take all necessary action steps when treating a patient enrolled in Texas Health Steps?

Visit the Texas Health Steps Medicaid Courses and Resources landing page for easy access to the courses, resources and tools mentioned above.

Why it Matters

Texas Health Steps greatly values the providers who care for children and adolescents enrolled in Texas Medicaid. These youth are our future.

Along with the mission to provide key health-care services to all children, Texas Health Steps providers play a valuable role in providing preventive medical and dental checkups as well as promoting healthy behaviors in children and adolescents.

We want to support medical and dental professionals in understanding the requirements for being a Texas Health Steps provider. The quick, one-stop resources page on the Texas Health Steps education website can help you and your practice staff seamlessly perform your duties with all the key information and resources to keep your young patients on a path to health, now and in the future.