Case Study

Adolescent Health Checkups

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Dr. Helen Houston, pediatrician specializing in adolescent medicine
Practice Location

Clinic serving low-income children, adolescents, and families

During her workday, Dr. Houston will see more than two dozen patients and family members, many of them with chronic and complex health conditions. She will conduct six adolescent preventive medical checkups with patients ranging from 12 to 19 years and will provide screenings, tests, and anticipatory guidance to promote and protect their health.

Dr. Houston's clinic is a patient-centered medical home. Before patients arrive, she and her staff conduct a morning huddle to prepare for the busy day. This best practice is one way for Dr. Houston to address the needs of her adolescent patients and help them make a successful transition to adulthood.

What activities are included in the morning huddle?

Review the day’s schedule and unique needs of incoming patients.

Plan for patients who have multiple health issues that may require additional reimbursement claim forms for acute care visits, preventive medical checkups, and follow-up visits.

Decide how to best handle exams with both preventive and acute care components.

Locate and attach forms and handouts needed during exams.

Why it Matters

The morning huddle sets the stage for a successful day of health-care appointments by preparing the staff and anticipating the needs of adolescent patients.

Next Steps

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