Case Study

Managing Type 1 Diabetes: The Early Days

portrait of boy
11 years

You recently diagnosed Samuel with type 1 diabetes and placed him on a standard insulin regimen. The boy lives with his grandmother and rarely sees his parents. He does not have easy access to an endocrinologist and has not received counseling about nutrition or physical activity. As his primary care provider, you recognize that it takes more than medication to help Samuel and his grandmother learn to control his diabetes.

Read on for three key steps you can take to set Samuel on a healthy path.

Create a care team.

Facilitate diabetes education.

Recognize accomplishments.

Why it Matters

Establishing an effective treatment plan for children with type 1 diabetes requires a team effort. As a primary care provider, you coordinate a health-care team that works for the child and his or her family, caregivers, teachers, and other interested individuals. For more information, enroll in Diabetes Screening, Diagnosis, and Management.

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