Texas Health Steps

Nonemergency Medical Transportation Services

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Medicaid provides free rides in Texas to eligible patients who have no other means to get to a medically necessary health-care checkup or exam covered by Medicaid.

Free rides are also available when a patient needs to get to another Medicaid provider, such as doctor, dentist, hospital or drug store. NEMT services are available to:

  • Children and youth ages birth though 20 years who are enrolled in Texas Health Steps
  • Individuals enrolled in the Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Services Program and Transportation for Indigent Cancer Patients
  • Most others who are eligible for Medicaid medical and dental services

NEMT services may not be used if:

  • Transportation is required by ambulance, whether emergency or nonemergency
  • Transportation is available through another facility or program for transportation to health-related services
  • The individual requiring transportation resides at an inpatient health-care facility

Fast Fact

NEMT services are available only when a patient requires transportation for a medically necessary health-care service that is covered by Medicaid. Texas Health Steps periodic medical and dental checkups, diagnostic and treatment services qualify for NEMT services.