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The Texas Health Steps Provider’s Guide to the Periodicity Schedule

Texas Health Steps services are available to eligible children ages birth through 20 years, which means patients’ needs can change dramatically over time. How can Texas Health Steps providers be assured they are completing the appropriate screenings and preventive services at every checkup for every age?

The Texas Health Steps Periodicity Schedule is the essential tool that outlines every required component of the 30 preventive medical checkups available to eligible infants, children and adolescents. Understanding how to read, interpret and apply the Periodicity Schedule is a crucial skill for Texas Health Steps providers and their staff members.

Quick Quiz

Which of the following checkup components are covered on the Periodicity Schedule?

Age intervals at which preventive medical checkups are due.

Mandatory, recommended and risk-based screenings for each age-appropriate checkup.

Texas Health Steps-approved tools for developmental and mental health screenings.

Recommended health education and anticipatory guidance topics for each age-appropriate checkup.

Texas Health Steps has developed an interactive tutorial to help you become familiar with the layout and features of the Periodicity Schedule as well as requirements of the individual checkup components and resources to help you complete them. Review the tutorial any time you need a refresher course and share it with colleagues and staff.

Stay Current

The Texas Health Steps Periodicity Schedule is updated on a regular basis. Always consult the current version to ensure all required checkup components are completed.

Why it matters

Your familiarity with the Texas Health Steps Periodicity Schedule promotes office productivity and ensures infants, children and adolescents receive age-appropriate health screenings and preventive services.

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