Case Study

Coordinating Vision Screenings

Maria, age 8, moved from California to Texas five months ago with her family. She is in your office for her first Texas Health Steps preventive medical checkup. The Texas Health Steps Periodicity Schedule requires visual acuity screening with a standardized vision chart at the 8-year checkup.

As you discuss the family’s move, Maria’s mother says her daughter’s vision was tested at school in California six months ago. She even has a copy of the test results with Maria’s medical history. You ask Maria whether her eyesight bothers her, and she says she can read, use the computer, and play sports with no problem.

photo of glasses on an eye chart
8 years

How should you respond?

Tell Maria and her mother that you will performa a visual acuity screening to make sure everything is still normal

Obtain a copy of Maria’s previous eye screening results before completing the checkup.

Make a note to check Maria’s vision during her 9-year checkup.

Both b and c.

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