Case Manager

Medicaid case managers provide valuable services to help improve health outcomes for children, youth and pregnant women. Texas Health Steps provides valuable information, trainings and resources to help case managers perform their jobs.

Required Courses for Case Managers

Completing and downloading a certificate of completion for each of the courses shown below meets the requirement for Medicaid case management training prior to receiving certification from the Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women program.

Tools & Resources

Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women is a Texas Medicaid benefit for eligible patients who have medical-related needs that might affect their health care. The patients must be eligible for Medicaid and be either:

  • A child birth through age 20 with a health condition or health risk.
  • A woman of any age who has a high-risk pregnancy.

Many of these patients have complex needs that range from specialty referrals and medical equipment/supplies to educational, psychosocial, financial and transportation services. Case managers help patients and their families find and get these services.

The printed materials below are available for download in PDF format and can be ordered here.

Case Management Brochure

English / Spanish  |  English / Vietnamese

Case Management Poster

English  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese

Case Management Provider Recruitment Flyer


Visit the Tools & Resources page for Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women forms and referral information for Texas Health Steps medical providers.