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Medicaid Administrative Claiming Program

Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) reimburses certain public entities for activities that protect the health of young Texans. Eligible public entities include:

  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) providers
  • Independent school districts
  • Local health districts
  • Mental Health/Individuals with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability (MH/IDD) authorities

MAC covers a range of activities that connect individuals to medically necessary services funded by Medicaid. The individuals served must be covered by Medicaid or eligible for Medicaid. Entities do not have to provide direct Medicaid services in order to qualify for MAC reimbursement. Common administrative activities such as service coordination, referral, monitoring and outreach also qualify for reimbursement.

This engaging tutorial explains the program’s requirements, covered services and streamlined contracting and management process. It is recommended for administrators at all eligible public entities that serve children and adolescents who are covered by Medicaid or eligible for Medicaid.

Participating in MAC is one way public entities can help create a healthier future for Texas.

For more information, visit the MAC home page for your organization: