Case Study

Verifying Medicaid Eligibility

portrait of young boy
6 years

Jin recently moved to your town with his parents after the family’s home was flooded. The family lost most of their possessions, including their health records, and relocated to live with relatives. Jin’s mother scheduled an appointment for her son’s preventive medical checkup and said she wants to make sure his immunizations are up to date so he can enter the local school. When she arrives with Jin, she does not have proof of the boy’s Medicaid coverage, the name of his health plan, or his immunization records.

What options do you have to verify Jin’s eligibility for Medicaid services and provide services today? Provider Portal

Medicaid Automated Inquiry System

Medicaid MCO online portals

Why it Matters

Your knowledge about options for verifying Jin’s eligibility can ensure the boy receives required health services on schedule and can help him and his family make a healthy transition, all while improving workflow and efficiency in your office.

Next Steps

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